Taxi drivers in Australia launch class action against ‘illegal’ Uber

Taxi drivers in Australia launch class action

Global timeshare company Uber might be forced to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars in case a class action started by thousands of Australian taxi and hire car drivers is successful.

Over 6000 people have joined the activity, covering drivers around Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia.

The action addresses the period before Uber was legalized in those jurisdictions and alleges it functioned illegally because the company knew its drivers weren’t properly licensed and licensed when it first entered the market.

This will be a landmark case about the alleged illegal operations of Uber in Australia and the catastrophic effect that has had on the lives of hard-working and law-abiding taxpayers here.

The law firm’s Elizabeth O’Shea stated it might be the most significant class action in Australian history.

When you look at a number of the value drops in cab licenses and their contraction in earnings for a number of these individuals across the nation, and given how many men and women are likely to be affected, we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars.

An Uber spokeswoman said the company hadn’t received any notification of a class action.

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